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Crazy times!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 15, 2015, 5:12 AM

Soooo....At the start of this year, I had submitted Alex Rider: Scorpia, had a little wait to go until starting on Ark Angel, and threw lots of time (thanks to my wonderful Patrons!) at BREAKS; the webcomic I write and draw with :iconrattsu:. Things were relatively peaceful, if a little uncertain in terms of work schedule. And then, much like Neo Tokyo, they e.x.p.l.o.d.e.d! ^_~ So what's going on then?

I was announced as filling in for three issues on the amazing Jem & the Holograms for IDW. Written by Kelly Thompson and drawn by :iconmooncalfe:, this series is so incredible and I'm just blown away to be part of it! <3

I was hired by Square Enix (OMG!!) to illustrate a series of promotional images attached to the Life is Strange game series. I LOVE this game! And I LOVE square, so eeee!

I drew a Wonder Woman story for DC! Written by the amazing Barbara Randall Kesel, getting to draw such an iconic character was pretty amazing. It's out in August.

And then the big news from SDCC was that George Mann and I are teaming up to create a brand new mini series for the Eighth Doctor! Isn't this cover just gorgeus? Alice Zhang is incredible! <3
So - 2015 has turned out to be the year that all my fangirl dreams have come true. Square, Jem, Wonder Woman and Doctor Who? Not to mention our little webcomic picking up some pretty amazing readers and patreon backers...Pinch me! ^_^</b></b>

Madefire seeking an artist! Could you be the one?

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 1:47 PM

Hello, deviants! Rather excitingly, publisher Madefire are running a search for an artist to kick off their brand new story, Fran Kenstein. And I have personal interest in the outcome because I'm the writer!! Yes, indeedy :) the winner of the competition will bag themselves a contract and will be drawing my script. It's very exciting for me as I've never written for anyone else before. ^_^

so - check out Madefire and the competition...and good luck!

Click here for an interview with me and information on the competition so far!

2014 is here!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 6, 2014, 6:55 AM

It's a new year, best wishes to all! ^_^

So - Shadow Kiss the Graphic Novel was release in the US and Australia last week, and did some fancy moves on the charts before stock shortages started to be reported. Hang on in there, guys! If you've not got your copy yet, keep at it. x Richelle Mead tells you why you need the book here ^_^

I'm still waiting on notes back from Walker, but as soon as they come in - I'm set to dive into 170 pages of action packed inks for Alex Rider: Scorpia.

Last up,  I've been using the wait to finally get started on BREAKS; a new series written by myself and Malin Ryden about two young adults struggling to consolidate their pasts, deal with their present lives, and plan who the hell they expect to be in the future. It's an emotional drama romance with some strong language and grit thrown in. The current plan is to release a single issue prologue this year, and launch a webcomic with it. Exciting, no?! ^_^

First off: Massive, huge thanks to :iconspyed: :iconliamsharp: and the Devart team for getting me back on Premium. I feel utterly honoured! ^_^
So, now that I'm here...what a mad few months!
I had an interview with Alex Dueben of CBR recently, and we talked over what I've been working on *phew* Things are manic, but good. I also offered exclusive preview pages of Shadow Kiss! (due Dec 31st) Head there via the banner to see the whole thing.

Over on my tumblr account I've been posting a few bits and pieces, including a montage of the rough pencils from Alex Rider: Scorpia - which I have now completed and submitted, yay! Next step will be to get chatting with the publishers and move forward to inks.

And I've been attending a lot of conventions. A LOOOOOT of conventions. This last few months have seen me in: Derry, Melksham, Dublin, New York, Kendal and London. I've had such a great time hanging out with loved friends and also seeing lots of new faces and wonderful readers. Big thanks to each and every one of you who may have come and said hi, even if only to nag me about Dragon Heir #2, haha. It all means a lot to me. ^_^

Last up: I was actually trained in theatre and not comics...I know, weird! And now that comics is my job, it seems only fair that I try theatre for fun. So, ten years since my last production, I'm going to be starring as Nellie Forbush in Cambridge operatic's production of South Pacific . Should you be curious, do book tickets and come along for the fun!
Busy, busy, busy. Where to start? Okay, so today's task is to continue inking Shadow Kiss, book three in the Vampire Academy graphic novel series.

It's all moving along nicely now, but if you want to keep up with snippets and news on VA and my other projects, check out my shiny new facebook home, linked from the banner above. ^_^

Next up: I rather excitingly got some special advance copies of Avalon #2 through from the wonderful Oni Press yesterday! It's due for official release in July, but these special copies mean that I'm able to sell a limited number of the book at some upcoming conventions while stock lasts. It's super shiny and gorgeous~! =^_^= So, where can you find me to get an early copy?

First up is the MCM in London, in just a couple of weeks. I always have a blast at this show. ^_^

And hot on Expo's tail is the fabulous 2D in Derry. Such a friendly show and I can't wait to get back there again. Also in that banner is mention of the brand new Lakes festival in Kendal! I mention it because news has just been released, and I'm excited about being part of the curated Comics Clocktower in this new and awesome-sounding event.

Last, but not least, I was a good half-way through penciling Alex Rider: Scorpia at the point when I switched back to finish up on Shadow Kiss, and I can't wait to share this new chapter in Alex's comic-life with you all. I've been blown away by Anthony Horowitz's response to my new designs and Antony Johnston's script is a great adaptation! I'll be back to Alex when inks on Shadow Kiss are done. ^_^
Blimey. I think my poor brain needs a spring-clean ^_~

Yay! Lovely interview with Steve Morris at The Beat. I had a lot of fun with this, and it covers so many projects. Happy reading! ^_^
So a while back now, I got contacted by the creators of Lost about being involved with their new show, Bates Motel, a prequel to the classic Psycho. And yes, I thought I was dreaming ^_~

Well, it turns out I wasn't! And the team have been the most amazing people to work with, and I've been more than thrilled to be a part of this incredible project. If you're watching the show, you may have spotted the sketchbook that young Norman finds beneath the floorboards? It turns out to be pretty important to the show's plot, and you can now download the whole thing for free to play along with Norman and Emma as they unravel its secrets. How exciting is that?

It's US only for now, I'm afraid. But hopefully not for too long.
With thanks as ever to Fehed Said, my website has itself a new banner! I think this one sums me up a little better these days. ^_^ With a new banner, I HAD to make a new post!

So what's new with me? Gawd, so much I'd love to say more about! One particularly exciting job will come to light in the next few weeks. It's not anything to do with book publishing...or even Richard I'll leave you with that for now. But yes, very soon, I'll be able to spill the beans. Some of you may even have seen it already without realising ^_^

Here's one I CAN tell you about. I've seen the lettered pages for the Avalon Chronicles #2 and it's lovely! I'm so excited about it coming out, and I hope you are too. You can pre-order the book RIGHT NOW! I do recommend you let your local shops know you want it to be sure it's in stock on release.

Meanwhile, there's a short pause in Shadow Kiss inks while I wait for notes, but I'm over half way now!
And if you click the banner of ink previews, you'll see that some French Vampire Academy fans have been super sleuths! Yep - looks like a French edition of the GNs is on its way in June! Passionnant!
Okay, that'll do for now. Look out soon for a list of my convention appearances this year. It's going to be a busy one!

Do you like fantasy? Do you like Elves? Do you like Unicorns? Do you like heroes? Do you like comics that girls can read?

Do you just like a bloody good story?

Of course you're not mad! Well, this is your chance to get word out there that Avalon Chronicles Volume 2 is now available for pre-order from all good stockists! With volume 1 just recently making the Yalsa 2013 Great Graphic Novels list , The timing of book two's release has been pretty fortuitous! Scripted by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, with art and story input by me, and tones by Nana Li, the book will be out from Oni Press in June this year. Be sure to let your local shops know to order copies in! Here are just a few of the useful links that google offered up where pre-orders are already listed:
Previews - the details you need to give your local shops and libraries.
Page 45
Forbidden Planet
(Cover not final)

All reblogs, retweets and general word-spreading would be wonderful and very appreciated, guys! It's easy to forget the sheer variety of comics out there as so many can slip beneath the radar. Avalon is a great, fun read for any audience, and I've had so much fun working on it. Please help us spread the word ^_^

It's official!

I'm excited to announce that next year I'll be diving into the world of Alex Rider as the artist on the graphic novels. ^_^

Details can be found by clicking the link above. I'm very excited to be working with Antony Johnston on the books, and they are of course adapted by him from Anthony Horowitz's fantastic novel series. There are already graphic novels of the series out there, and I do urge you to go check them out because they're really lovely books, but I'll be jumping in at Scorpia; book five in the series.

I'm thrilled to be joining Walker Books on this series - what a great team I'm getting to work with! ^_^
And fighting off jetlag and con-lurgy, huzzah. But, boy, was it worth it! I'll slowly be writing up parts of my trip as life settles,  but for now you can find a few mini-tumblr posts:

This new and shiny tablet and software set combines Wacom and Manga Studio - two of my favourite things in the world.

Some photos of New York City - I'm already missing it!

My Vampire Academy signing at the comic con was amazing! Thank yooooo!

More to come, but I met and caught up with so many amazing people, my head is still reeling. A wonderful time, wonderful place, wonderful friends. ^_^
Next week I head to New York for the comic con - OMG! I can't wait to see friends and meet some new faces. Many thanks to the wonderful Jimmy Aquino and Ben Templesmith for letting me stay at their place. I love you guyssss.

So, while I'm at the show, I'll be putting in a little time as well. I don't have a table this year, but you can find me at the following places and times:

Oni Press Booth:
Friday - 3pm - 3:45 pm
Saturday - 3pm - 3:45pm
Sunday - 2pm - 2:45pm

Penguin Books booth:
Sunday 12:30 - 1:30

Comic News Insider booth (#3350 in the podcast area):
No set time yet, but I'll be around the booth a lot over the weekend, doing signings on Saturday and Sunday.

Do come and say hi! ^_^

I'm getting out the party pic again because I'm coming to New York Comic Con! ^__^

Can't wait to get over there again, meet new faces and catch up with less-new ones; not to mention finally putting a face to a few internet pals I've been speaking to for a while online. So, if you're heading to the convention, I hope to see you there!

I'll be spending some time at the Oni press booth for the Avalon Chronicles and the Penguin booth for Vampire Academy, more details when I have them.

Massive squidgy thanks to the amazing Jimmy Aquino and Ben Templesmith for offering to house me for my trip. You guys are amazing and I owe you many beers. xx

So, so, who's coming? PARTAY! ^__^
Yes, it's time! Those of you in Australia and New Zealand - I hope you're enjoying your copies, we'll join you soon!

From what I'm hearing, there has been all sorts of a frenzy of confusion over at Penguin HQ in New York, with Frostbite copies actually selling out from the warehouse on pre-orders alone. You guys are all sorts of amazing *hug*

The book is currently being re-printed. As far as I know, if you pre-ordered a copy, you'll be getting yours on release, tomorrow. The rest of us, myself included, will have to wait for the reprint, haha! XD

I'll be at the MCM Expo event in London this Fri-Sunday. Alas, I'm not sure I'll have Frostbite copies with me to sell...but if you managed to get one, do feel free to bring it along and I'll scrawl something pretty on it :) What I will have is just 9 copies of a limited run A3 print featuring snippets of Frostbite.

After the show I'll be hopefully opening up online sales for posted copies of the print. Again, these will be limited, so if you want one reserved, let me know. ^_^ I'll post up the image when I'm back from the event.

I'll also have three new non-Vampire Academy prints at the event: The Mermaid, the Goggles and a limited Avalon Chronicles one! Not to mention the book of Avalon Chronicles itself - which is just gorgeous and shiny and gold! Plus some very funky postcards at just £2 each. So do come find me at the Sweatdrop area towards the back of the ComicVillage. Say hi and take a look at some shiny stock. ^_^
So, I came home from Italy (where I managed to catch up with family I really don't see enough) to find news online that Frostbite is out in the world! Some of the world :) Australia and New Zealand, in fact!

I'm already seeing some positive comments from readers and am just thrilled that you guys are enjoying the book. ^__^ If you're in the US, I'm afraid the release date will be on the 24th May, so just a little longer to wait, but the book is available for pre-order from all good stockists.

If you're in the UK, I am making efforts to have copies of the book at Kapow, MCM and 2D, but only in very limited supply, I'm afraid. I'll be at the Sweatdrop stand for MCM all weekend, and am signing at Kapow from 13:30 on the Sunday, following a panel on independent comics at 12:45. If you're attending one of those events and want to reserve a copy, drop me a line by email or over on twitter (@emmavieceli). Otherwise, the trusty internet will of course provide. How did we survive without online shopping, eh?

In other book news, Avalon Chronicles is also doing its thing and I'm so happy to see people enjoying it. I'm working on book two of the series right now, and hooo boy it's going to be fun! Some brilliant new characters and lots of surprises in store for our heroes ^_^ You should be able to get Avalon part one from all good bookshops, but you can of course also order it online or even pick it up on Comixology - where the panel-by-panel reading system works really well on portable platforms.
I remember a time when I'd attend maybe two or three conventions a year. But, these days we are spoiled here in the UK for geeky gatherings, don't you think? Here are my guest appearances over the next couple of months and, as you'll see, it's a little packed in! If you spy me at an event, prepare the coffee. ^_~ Be sure to say hi!
(Click the banner to see a post on my own blog with links to each event.)

April 14th/15th - Alt.fiction- Leicester

April 21st - Comica - London

May 5th - Cambridge Union Japanese Art exhibition - Cambridge

May 12th - Camcon - Cambridge

May 19th/20th - Kapow - London

May 25th/26th/27th - MCM Expo - London

June 1st/2nd - 2D Festival - Derry, Ireland.

Some of these events I'll have a table at, some I'll be with Sweatdrop (my comic posse) and some I'll just be speaking or signing at, but whatever my capacity I'll be happy to say hi! I just hope I manage some sleep, haha. If I do happen to look like a zombie, be kind! At most events, I'll have copies of my brand new Oni Press book, Once in a blue moon: the Avalon Chronicles 1 available, and should even have some Frostbite by the later events! ^__^ Happy con season, guys!

I am very excited to announce that part one of the Avalon Chronicles will be released this very month from Oni Press! Together with writers Nunzio Defilippis and Christina Weir, I am very chuffed that the book will soon be out in the world, in pretty hard cover format, no less! Already available for pre-order from bookshops and online.

Once Upon a Time...^_^

Slots are full for now, guys! Thanks so much for the requests. *hug* If you've had a response from me to confirm a slot, I'll be working through the list as fast as I can. To anyone still interested: I'll let you know when new slots are open. You guys rock!

It's the start of a new year and I find myself able to finally open limited, casual commission slots, huzzah! ^_^ I'm working on the basis of taking on just 10 slots at a time, as I can't be sure when things will kick in again and I'll need to pause.


The slots I tend to offer here on DeviantArt are not at my professional rates and are on a much more casual basis. For larger or corporate projects, please visit my professional site at ^_^

These slots will mostly limited to sketches, but please see further down for details. I don't work on them to a deadline and, as such, although I try to work as quickly as I can, I can't guarantee a time scale. Because of this, I don't take payment until the image is submitted, however. :)

Re Pricing:
As these are casual slots, I tend to let the commissioner guide me, so you choose a price and I work according to that price. Your payment covers only the hours I can spend on your image. My average fee for a sketch at what I call fandom-rate (ie, fanart/personal/non-profit-making) falls between $40/£30 and $100/£80 but can go higher depending on the image (eg, amount of characters, colour etc).

So essentially, you can choose a price and I'll work according to it. ^_^

Once I know a price and what's required, I can set to work. If you're interested in reserving a slot, just drop me a note here and we can take it from there.
Happy new year, guys! ^_^

Lovely Paul Cornell has started up his 12 days of Christmas and prolific Morag Lewis is working on her visual advent calender; both annual events that hammer home to me that Christmas really is nearly here! Oh my goodness where was it hiding?

For me and the Vampire Academy crew, Christmas came a little early when we learned that the Vampire Academy graphic novel had won the GoodReads graphic novel and comic prize for 2011! We were overjoyed, so thank you so much to anyone who voted for us. To be up there amongst such incredible titles was an honour. To win was just...well, thank you! ^_^ Click the frostbite preview banner to see the full category and where VA sits in it; it's keeping some amazing company there!

It certainly gives us yet more enthusiasm as we dive into Shadowkiss! You guys rock *hug*

I have been all over the place recently. Convention season really knocked me for six, but I met some amazing people. Massive thanks and hellos to everyone I met in Malta comic con and Komix in Melksham. I've been looked after so well - thank you! ^_^
Now, I'm back to working hard on Avalon 2 and, soon, shadowkiss. You may see more of the chappie in the banner appearing over time, as my wind-down sketches have been largely featuring him recently. I won't dive into who he is exactly just yet, but he's a character I'm certainly hoping to do more with at some point. Yes, another one. I have a stable out back...but I keep them all well fed until their moment to shine, honest! '^_^
This weekend I'll be heading up to Manchester!
On the Saturday evening I shall be heading along to the fabulous Travelling Man comic shop for signing shennanigans from 7pm onward, so do head along and say hi if you're in the area! ^_^
Then on the Sunday it's off to the Doki Doki festival, where Sonia Leong and I will be there with tables, selling books, offering sketches and representing Sweatdrop. Hope to see people there!

In other exciting book news, it seems that my Oni press title, Avalon Chronicles, has now been solicited! It liiiiives! It's been a little while since I finished up work on the book and can't wait for you guys to be able to share it. Writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir are just amazing story weavers and I'm proud to be helping them weave this one ^_^

Talking of Goodreads, don't forget to vote in the choice awards! Vampire Academy and Richell Mead are making a show in the nominations, with Richelle's work getting three categories - including my own contribution in the graphic novel category for mine and Leigh's adaptation of book one ^_^